Buy Leafy, An All-Natural Cleaner That Really Works

Mar 27, 2020

Grease spills. Pasta sauce stains. Pet bedding. Sports equipment.


These are some of the toughest things to clean, or to clean up in your home. Finding all-purpose cleaners or natural cleaning products that can cut through tough stains or remove pungent odors from certain areas of your home are not easy to find.


Introducing Leafy, a plant based cleaner that is among the safest brands on the market. Leafy is safe for your home, for your family and for the environment. It’s made from plants, so it’s biodegradable and non-toxic, and can be used in any room in your home.

And unlike many natural cleaning products, Leafy has the cleaning power to break down tough stains and odors that a lot of all-purpose cleaners can’t. Do you want to get rid of the grease and caked-on cooking stains from your vent hood or range? Do it with Leafy’s Range & Hood cleaner, which is engineered to break down grease on a molecular level.


Can you smell your dog coming from 15 feet away? If so, use Leafy’s Pet Shampoo to get rid of those awful odors and enjoy having your pet around more. Spray the Leafy Pet Shampoo on your dog’s bedding, put it in the washing machine and see how much better it smells. Leafy’s Pet Shampoo is made with a unique blend of oils and extracts that will eliminate the worst dog and cat odors.


Leafy makes a number of other all-purpose cleaners for your home. Try our General Cleaner that works in every room in the home, or our Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner and our Window and Glass Cleaner. Every Leafy product is engineered from materials that make it a safe and effective cleaning product.


Don’t use natural cleaning products that don’t get anything clean. Give Leafy a try and see why our products can eliminate the tough stains, difficult messes and worst odors in your home. Visit www.myleafy.co for more information, or place an order and see what Leafy is all about.

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