How to Eliminate Rust and Squeaky Doors

Oct 12, 2020

There’s always something in the home that needs a little lubrication. The hinge on a door creaks, or there’s a lock that won’t open smoothly. Get everything working properly with the multi-purpose lubricants developed by Leafy.


Leafy has engineered a line of multi-purpose lubricants that are all-natural and mineral-based, so they’re completely safe to use around children and pets. If your child’s bicycle chain is rusted, loosen it up and get it working like new with a few drops of Leafy’s General Lubricant.


Need to separate some of your child’s favorite LEGOs that have been stuck together for a while? Try one drop of Leafy’s General Lubricant, give it a few minutes to work, and you should be able to pull the pieces apart without any more sticking. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about your child getting any of the lubricant in their mouth or eyes because it’s completely safe.


Leafy’s multi-purpose lubricants can also handle adult-sized jobs. Every house has a door, a cupboard, or a drawer that doesn’t work quite right. You’ve tried other lubricants, but the squeak always returns or the drawer slides begin to stick again. And every time you use a lubricant, it leaves behind an oily stain or rust-colored streaks that need to be repeatedly cleaned.


Leafy’s Lock & Hinge Lubricant is made to keep hinges, locks and drawer slides working smoothly without having to repeatedly re-apply additional lubricant. Also, Leafy lock and hinge lubricants won’t streak your cabinets, doors or drawers because it’s made from all-natural ingredients.


Locks that are used outdoors or in areas where they are exposed to humidity or temperature changes should be frequently lubricated. When using lock and hinge lubricants from Leafy, a drop or two should keep a combination lock or a lock that needs a key working smoothly for months.


Lawn equipment or yard tools that are exposed to water or wet conditions can also benefit from Leafy’s lock and hinge lubricants. Saw blades and shovels that are covered in rust will look and work like new, and pruners and cutting shears will work more efficiently and stay sharper longer after an application of Leafy’s General Lubricant.


Two other Leafy lubricants are made specifically for sliding doors and garage doors.


The Sliding Door lubricant has the unique ability to displace salt, water and dirt so the tracks on your sliding door stays as clean and lubricated as the day it was installed. And never listen to the piercing sound of a sticky garage door again when you apply some of Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant to the tracks, hinges and chains. They’ll be so quiet you won’t know they’re there.


Try any of Leafy’s multi-purpose lubricants by going to https://myleafy.co/products/lubricants/ and placing an order. Your lubricant will be delivered for free right to your door. Get additional information about Leafy products by visiting https://myleafy.co/.

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