How to turn your Leafy bottles into Arts and Crafts

Jun 03, 2020

  1. Stuck at home looking for inexpensive, fun, and eco friendly projects kids love?
  2. It is time to do some arts and crafts with your kids. What do you take out: beads, paper, paint, glue?
  3. How about empty cleaning supplies?

Believe it or not, empty cleaning supplies are actually a great way to make arts and crafts in a more conservative way.

We aren’t talking about any ordinary cleaning supplies, we are talking about Leafy’s nontoxic, family-friendly and biodegradable products. Leafy’s bottles provide you with the perfect way to make enjoyable arts and crafts with your kids. There is no reason to throw out your empty bottles when you can put them to good use.

These environmentally friendly arts and craft projects will also serve as a great way to save money, and keep your little energy stars occupied at home!

At Leafy, we try our best to save and reuse recycled materials, so we’re here to provide you some of the best ways to do so.


Leafy’s Craft Ideas:

Recycled Planter: Cut the top off and fill it with fertilizer. Then plant your seeds and watch them grow!


Quick fun fact: Plants help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet. That is because they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and expel oxygen for us while they photosynthesise. By using recycled planters, you are not only using biodegradable materials to be eco friendly, you are also helping to remove harmful greenhouse gases in the air!


Pen/Pencil holder: Cut the top off, preferably higher up on the bottle. We recommend making the cut higher up in order to prevent your pens and pencils from falling over. You may even want to place some sand or beads at the bottom of the bottle to keep it weighed down. Decorate it and throw in your pens and pencils!


Piggy Bank: Place the bottle on its side and cut a small opening at the top; one big enough to fit your cents and dollars.


Glue or paint on any design you would like to fill the outside of the piggy bank. Then print and cut out pig ears to glue on. Glue on googly eyes; if you do not have them, print, paint, or draw them on! On the bottom of the pig glue on four beads so that your piggy bank stands up right. Lastly, cut and paste a piece of pipe cleaner to the end of the piggy bank.

Make sure it is twisted into a loose spiral to make it look like a pig’s tail.


Bird Feeder: Here you will need to make two openings to fit two wooden spoons to put through the middle of the bottle.

Be sure to insert the ends opposite of each other, and space them out. Then you will fill the rest of the bottle with bird seeds, and let them flow out of the side onto the spoon.

Hint: try not to make the openings for the spoons too big, to prevent your seeds from flowing out.

Then, if you choose to do so, cut a piece of twine for hanging! 

Newspaper/magazine holder: Cut off the top of your bottle. Glue on a piece of fabric outside the top for decoration. Then, fold and fill in your magazines and newspapers as you please!

Then, if you choose to do so, cut a piece of twine for hanging! 


Snack Bowls:  Cut the bottom of the bottle to make a circular snack bowl. Hint: make the cut lower so that it is easier to fit your hand inside.


For each one of these projects, remove the Leafy label. That will give you the ability to paint, glue, or tape any print or design on the outside of the bottle that you would like.


Do not forget to thoroughly clean each bottle before using, especially if you like the snack bowl idea. Our products may be nontoxic, but that does not mean they taste any good!


At Leafy, we want to remind you that the majority of household cleaning products (not ours, of course!) have toxic chemicals in them that are dangerous to you, your children, and your pets. That being said, and unless stated otherwise, we do not recommend using those as a means of arts and crafts.

With Leafys cleaning supplies, you are guaranteed safe, biodegradable products to create non toxic crafts that you and your children can safely enjoy. We care about the environment, and we care about you.


Remember to have fun with this, and get creative!

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