Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly with Leafy

Nov 01, 2020

It’s a scene that’s repeated in many parts of the U.S. every spring. You want to break out the outdoor furniture because the weather has started to warm up, but you haven’t opened the garage door in a while.

As you stand in front of the garage door and reach for the handle, you start to wonder if this year will be different. Will you be able to get the garage door open this spring?

You bend over, grasp the handle, and slowly start to pull. You’re met with resistance. You pull a little harder. Nothing. You grab the handle with both hands and yank. Some success, but the door isn’t going to open without some attention.

There’s no reason you should face this situation every year. At Leafy, we have developed a series of multi-purpose lubricants that can help alleviate your yearly garage door dust-up. One of our products is a Garage Door Lubricant that will keep the tracks, hinges, and chains on your garage door working smoothly for months at a time.

All of Leafy’s multi-purpose lubricants are engineered from all-natural materials, are non-toxic, and won’t leave streaks and stains on your garage door. Best of all, Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant is safe to use around your children and your pets.

Take a look at what Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant did for a Connecticut homeowner who couldn’t open his garage door. A few strategic squirts of Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant made all the difference in the world.

Leafy’s multi-purpose lubricants are made from mineral oils, which are specifically refined to penetrate deep into surface pores and between parts. The mineral oils form a protective coating on hinges, tracks and chains, so your garage door will work better for longer than it ever has before.

If you haven’t opened your garage door in a while, take Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant into the garage and spray a little on the hinges, the track, and the chain if you have an automatic door. It doesn’t take a lot, so you don’t have to soak every area. Give the Garage Door Lubricant a chance to work its magic, and then open the door like the day it was installed.

No annoying creaks and squeaks, or the sound of rusted metal rubbing against rusted metal. Just the sweet sound of a garage door that’s working smoothly once again.

Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant will also help prevent rust, which is one of the many reasons so many garage doors don’t want to open in the spring. Months of rain, heat, humidity, salt, dirt, and debris can be displaced with a few squirts of Leafy’s multi-purpose lubricants.

Get Leafy’s Garage Door Lubricant today by visiting https://myleafy.co/products/. Order a bottle and get your garage door working like new. Leafy has lubricants for other areas of the home, and make a line of all-natural cleaning products that are non-toxic and completely safe for the family.

To get additional Leafy products, order Leafy’s unique cleaning kit that will be delivered right to your door. Get 5 Leafy products (no more than 2 lubricants) delivered every month for only $30. Create a Leafy account and let us know which products you’d like to order and we’ll send them your way. Order the Leafy kit at https://myleafy.co/product/create-your-own-kit/.

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