Leafy Donates to North Carolina Assisted Living Facility: Natural Cleaning Products to Help Create Safe Spaces for Tenants

May 21, 2020

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We at Leafy are proud to share some exciting news! We donated natural cleaning products to a deserving North Carolina assisted living facility. We’re working hard to do what we can during the COVID-19 health crisis.


We put our heads together and created the #LetsCleanTogether initiative. This project was designed to help some of the country’s most vulnerable people be safer while staying at home.
How are we doing that? We’re putting our environmentally friendly products into the hands of those who need them most.

To kick off the campaign, LQFX CEO Ken Gestal went to the Coastal Cove of Wilmington to make a donation. Coastal Cove of Wilmington is an assisted living facility in Wilmington, North Carolina. The facility provides care for people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Photographed is Gestal as he presented Leafy products to Justine LuQuire, president at Coastal Cove of Wilmington, Inc. Coastal Cove has provided care for people in the Wilmington community for more than three decades.

Everyone at Leafy was delighted to share our eco friendly products with such a wonderful organization. Getting to spread some joy in these unusual times was a delight.

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In the creation of this campaign we first wondered who might greatly benefit from cleaning supplies. An assisted living facility became a clear choice due to Leafy’s natural and non-toxic ingredients. Leafy cleaners are made from plants, and biodegradable, making them safe for use around anyone!


So why are we so concerned about making sure cleaners are available to those in need? Because we want people to feel safe at a time when feeling comfortable in our own environments can be quite challenging.

Concerns surrounding COVID-19 have left many without access to cleaners. Consumers have found that stores are running low, out of stock, or limiting distribution of their available cleaning products. This makes it difficult for people to feel safe while staying at home.

So how do our plant based products help? Leafy’s natural cleaning products create safe places for people by washing away dirt, debris and messes from surfaces.

It’s incredibly important that surfaces remain clean. If countertops, mirrors, or other household surfaces don’t get cleaned they collect dust, and debris. The “dirt” that collects on these surfaces then creates a home for germs and bacteria to grow and thrive on.

Our multi purposes cleaners wipe away harmful dirt and messes so that our customers can rest assured their home is clean.


Environmentally friendly products like Leafy Cleaners not only get rid of tough messes and leave a clean surface you can trust. Our cleaners make the people and families using them feel safe too. Our non toxic cleaners and lubricants are 100% guilt free.

Shop all of Leafy’s environmentally safe products here.

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