What makes Leafy’s Household Cleaners the Best on the Market?

Sep 03, 2020

I flip houses on the side. It’s a passion. But there’s one thing that makes me hold my breath every time I enter a home that’s been vacant for a while or has been in foreclosure.


You never know what you’re going to find inside.


I’ve walked into some kitchens and bathrooms and wondered how people cooked or brushed their teeth when the stovetop is covered in grease, or the bathroom sink is coated in grime and scum. I don’t consider myself a clean freak, but who lives in conditions like that?


Because I’ve faced more than a few of these situations, I know just the bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner that can handle such a horrible mess. The household cleaning products that I use aren’t made with toxic chemicals that can harm the people who are doing the cleaning or the people who will eventually move into the home.


I use the all-natural household cleaning products made by Leafy. Leafy is a fairly recent addition to a crowded field of cleaners that are made from all-natural ingredients and bill themselves as safe for people, pets and the environment.


But what has convinced me to use Leafy’s bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner at my projects is that the product really works. I’ve used Leafy in some kitchens that were so dirty, even my mother would have turned around and walked away. But Leafy got the stovetop, oven and vent hood cleaner than I thought it could.


I just sprayed on a heavy layer of Leafy’s Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner and let it go to work. Within a few minutes, it had loosened up baked-on stains in the oven and grease that had lived on the stovetop for longer than I care to imagine. A little elbow grease and I was able to wipe away some heavy-duty messes that I didn’t think I’d be able to get clean.


Even in a disgusting bathroom, Leafy has outperformed my wildest expectations. It gets rid of water deposits and soap scum, cleans dirt and stains from tile and grout, and will tidy up a toilet better than most other well-known toilet bowl cleaners.


Leafy’s household cleaning products are gaining traction too. In blind tests conducted recently with a panel of consumers, the effectiveness of Leafy’s bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner was preferred when tested against products from Clorox, Mrs. Meyers and many other top brands.


Leafy has a full line of cleaning products that can be used in every room in the house. They make a General Cleaner that will clean up dirt and grime from sealed wood and vinyl surfaces, and can be used on vinyl upholstery in your car or truck.


Want your hardwood floors to look better than ever? Leafy makes a Hardwood Floor Cleaner that is gentle on the most delicate wood surfaces and will leave your floors with a bright, fresh shine. And try Leafy’s Window & Glass Cleaner this spring for windows that will be free of streaks and that annoying film that other glass cleaners leave behind.


Don’t take my word for it. Order one, some or all of Leafy’s household cleaning products and try them for yourself. Just go to https://myleafy.co/products/ and give Leafy’s cleaners or lubricants a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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