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Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner

We can't legally tell you that this stuff is literally magic (we checked), but it sure seems magical to us. Leafy Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner has the muscle to cut through grease and grime on any surface, and the non-toxic formula is safe around kids, pets, and food. The gentle citrus scent will leave your kitchen or bathroom smelling clean and fresh for hours after you use it.

Size: 12 oz
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Here's what goes in.
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What they are
What they do
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Nothing phony here -- just plain, pure water helps keep our products safe for people and the environment.
Water is nature’s natural solvent and a delivery vehicle for the rest of our cleaning compounds.
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Proprietary plant based surfactant
These plant-based compounds team up to naturally break up the bond of soils, stains and solids.
Put together, these compounds work as a team to loosen the dirt, soils and stains from a surface, allowing them to be removed with ease.
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Orange oil
Not only do they make a great juice, oranges create an oil that is extracted and refined.
The refined oil from the orange is a natural cleaner. It helps break down dirt, soils and stains. It leaves things smelling great too!
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Plant-based emulsifiers
Emulsifiers are a plant-based compound that act as the stitching that holds other plant-based ingredients together in a uniform manner.
Emulsifiers act as a plant-based stabilizer. It allows individual ingredients to remain evenly mixed, ensuring a uniform performance. It’s why our cleaners are consistently great.


We get these a lot.
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Okay, so it's non-toxic. Does that mean I can drink it?

Leafy Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner doesn't taste very good (don't ask us how we know that), and ingesting a lot of it can cause mild to moderate diarrhea or stomach pain. Still, unlike other household lubricants, it is not fatal if ingested.

Where can I buy it in bulk?

For large or special orders, get in touch to let us know what you need.

What about the environment?

Glad you asked. Here at Leafy, we're all about environmental sustainability and responsibility. Our products will not harm the environment and our packaging is 100% recyclable. We also design, manufacture, and package everything in the United States to avoid contributing to global climate change with international shipping.

Don't just take our word for it!

“You’ve done it! You’ve made the perfect cleaner. Honestly this has changed the way I feel about cleaning. I hated breathing in chemical fumes and now when I clean the house I don’t feel like I’m doing damage to my body.”
“It cleans better than Clorox, and I know this isn’t the product’s purpose but it also smells better than Febreze.”

Since when does a little cleaning mean poisoning your home?

Spot stains and big spills are no longer your problem, we’ve got your back. If it's covered in grease or just supposed to be clean and streak free our line of superior cleaners are the solution. We make use of safe ingredients to deliver a clean that makes your home look good and you feel good. Best of all, like all Leafy products, our cleaners are plant-based and completely safe to use around children or pets. Nobody else makes cleaners as safe as ours.
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