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The jack of all trades in the Leafy lubricant lineup, this clear, mineral-based lubricant takes care of creaks, squeaks and rust like a champion. Sure, it works great on sliding doors and bike chains, but let’s get creative! Put it on shovels and watch all that displaced salt, water and dirt slide right off. Dab it on saw blades to remove and prevent rust. Apply some to particularly stubborn, stuck-together LEGO®s without leaving any stains. This stuff is so good that its only limit is your imagination, and it’s completely safe for your home, your family (pets included!), and the earth.

Size: 4oz

Quantity: 2 bottles



Here's what goes in.
My Leafy
What they are
What they do
My Leafy
Mineral oil
It’s a finely purified, lightweight ingredient used in the manufacture of some basic pantry staples.
In food-grade applications, it is used as a lubricant or binding agent. It’s the primary reason our lubricant can be used on some many of your household items.
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Rust inhibitor (mineral based)
Mineral oils that are specifically refined to form a protective coating. Use it and see why your tools and household items work so much better.
Our rust inhibitor coats a surface to minimize oxidation and prevent corrosion. It’s the reason your stuff won’t rust and will work longer than ever.
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Penetrant (mineral based)
Mineral oils that are specifically refined to penetrate deep into surface pores and between parts.
The smaller molecules work deep into cracks and crevices. It creates greater lubrication so your equipment works better. It also provides a level of protection that helps loosen rusty bolts that are stuck together.


We get these a lot.
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Okay, so it's non-toxic. Does that mean I can drink it?

Leafy General Lubricant doesn't taste very good (don't ask us how we know that), and ingesting a lot of it can cause mild to moderate diarrhea or stomach pain. Still, unlike other household lubricants, it is not fatal if ingested.

Does it work in damp or wet environments?

Yes! Leafy General Lubricant is hydrophobic (water resistant), so it's great for keeping moisture away from components. It also helps protect against rust and other types of damage.

Can I use it for industrial applications?

Yes. Leafy is designed to ensure high performance even in extreme heat, cold, pressure, or friction. It will protect your equipment and improve efficiency without harming the environment — a win-win-win for your business.

Where can I buy it in bulk?

For large or special orders, get in touch to let us know what you need.

What about the environment?

Glad you asked. Here at Leafy, we're all about environmental sustainability and responsibility. Our products will not harm the environment and our packaging is 100% recyclable. We also design, manufacture, and package everything in the United States to avoid contributing to global climate change with international shipping.

Don't just take our word for it!

“Move over WD-40! That’s all I can say, this lubricant has taken it to the next level.”
“I’m typically a mess after doing work around the house. I really appreciate that this product is clear and doesn't stain.”
“I was turned on to this product by a friend and I think I’m hooked. I was really pleased with the quality of the lubricant. Will buy again.”
“Usually I’m covered in muck that won’t ever wash out. Leafy’s found a way to keep my house working without staining the furniture or my clothes.”
“I take this mountain bike riding with me. It’s 2020. I’m not going to be damaging the planet any further."

Since when does a little lubrication mean poisoning your home?

Creaky hinges and rusted joints aren't just annoying. They can lead to damage on just about anything in your home: hinges, locks, bikes, shovels, saw blades, and more. If it's supposed to slide or move and it doesn't, our powerful general lubricant will get the job done. Best of all, like all Leafy products, our lubricants are mineral-based and completely safe to use around children or pets. Nobody else makes a general purpose lubricant as safe as ours.
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