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Your dog will never look or smell better! Of course, you can try our pet shampoo on other pets in your home but our shampoo was developed with man’s best friend in mind. Our unique blend of oils and extracts will not only make your dog’s coat look better than ever but will help wash away the odors that can sometimes make your dog an unwanted guest on furniture or beds.

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Here's what goes in.
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What they are
What they do
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Saponified Organic Coconut, Saponified Olive Oil, Saponified Jojoba Oil
Saponify means to turn an oil into soap. These three plant oils are turned into soap for a natural healthy clean.
Once turned into a soap these plant oils allow us to create a shampoo that produces a natural, healthy, clean dog!
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Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil
Plant-based essential oils. These help to promote healthier skin and coat.
These help to promote healthier skin and coat on your furry friend.
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Rosemary extract
Plant-based preservative. To keep the natural ingredients fresh.
This keeps the natural ingredients fresh.
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Aloe vera
Natural Aloe Vera. Helps to promote healthier skin and coat.
Helps to promote healthier skin and coat. You've probably used it for sun burns so you know just how calming it is for delicate skin!


We get these a lot.
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Okay, so it's non-toxic. Does that mean I can drink it?

Leafy Pet Shampoo doesn't taste very good (don't ask us how we know that), and ingesting a lot of it can cause mild to moderate diarrhea or stomach pain. Still, unlike other household lubricants, it is not fatal if ingested.

Where can I buy it in bulk?

For large or special orders, get in touch to let us know what you need.

What about the environment?

Glad you asked. Here at Leafy, we're all about environmental sustainability and responsibility. Our products will not harm the environment and our packaging is 100% recyclable. We also design, manufacture, and package everything in the United States to avoid contributing to global climate change with international shipping.

Don't just take our word for it!

“Your pet shampoo is the first one we’ve tried that isn’t leaving our Suzette with rashes or dry skin. We’re not taking chances with any others again. Thank you for keeping our dog happy and clean!”
“My dog has sensitive skin. I typically search for products with no fragrance. But because of this gentle and natural formula we can all enjoy a pupper who not only smells good but clearly feels good after bath time.”
“This keeps her coat feeling smooth and looking amazing, plus she’s had no allergic reactions”
“My dog’s dandruff was kinda embarrassing. One wash with this shampoo cleared it right up. It’s magical stuff!”
“This stuff’s gentle and it smells so good! The scent isn't too strong, and it leaves Noodle’s fur soft and shiny. Would recommend it in a heartbeat.”

Since when does a little cleaning mean poisoning your home?

Spot stains and big spills are no longer your problem, we’ve got your back. If it's covered in grease or just supposed to be clean and streak free our line of superior cleaners are the solution. We make use of safe ingredients to deliver a clean that makes your home look good and you feel good. Best of all, like all Leafy products, our cleaners are plant-based and completely safe to use around children or pets. Nobody else makes cleaners as safe as ours.
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