Proper Window and Glass Wiping Technique

Jul 16, 2020

The 3 Things You Need to Know!


Leafy’s environmentally friendly window and glass cleaners provide you with the safest, and best way to clean windows. We want to help you make sure we give you the most efficient ways to make the best use out of our cleaners.

Nobody likes a cleaner that leaves streaks and leaks on the glass; then what would be the purpose of cleaning them?!

Here are three tools to help put our indoor and outdoor window cleaner to good use.


1. A squeegee!

What is a squeegee good for?
Well, a squeegee can be used to clean all glass surfaces, so your purchase of just one can be used for many purposes.

In terms of a window cleaner, it will be most useful for larger windows, which can be the hardest to clean. In that case, we recommend purchasing a squeegee that has an extension handle, in case you are unable to reach the top of your windows.

While there are many ways to clean your windows, a squeegee is very efficient, as it leaves you with an extra clean glass and no streaks. They are rubber bladed, so do not worry about damaging your windows.

Here is how it works: Spray Leafy’s glass cleaner onto the window. Then you start from top to bottom, or left to right, removing the spray. I would recommend a towel or bucket placed at the bottom, in case of extra dirt or spray dripping to the bottom.

This technique works for indoors, and outdoors window cleaning. If you are left with confusion on how to successfully use a squeegee, we’re happy to help! Just send us an email.


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2.An old t-shirt!

Talk about a cost free way to effectively clean your windows. That cabinet full of old t-shirts that you do not wear anymore? It’s time to bring them out and put them to use.

Why is a t-shirt a good way to clean windows?
To begin with, this type of cleaning is good for the environment. As an environmentally-friendly company, we love this technique! Using a t-shirt ensures that there will not be any lint residue left behind that accumulates on your windows.

Be lint free with your tee! Again, spray your Leafy cleaner and wipe from top to bottom.



3.Microfiber cloths!


Microfiber cloths are most useful for smaller, easy to reach windows. Microfiber cloths are meant to be absorbent, catching any dirt on your windows, while leaving them streak-free.

Grab your Leafy spray bottle and spread out the window cleaning solution. Wipe to dry, starting from top to bottom. Make sure you do not soak the cloth in your cleaner, they are most efficient when keeping them dry to begin with.


Leafy’s window and glass cleaner are good for many uses: windows and mirrors, shower doors, marble surfaces, etc. However, we offer a variety of cleaning products which could be better suited to your needs.


If we do not offer it, leave us a message or email you can find on our website. Your feedback and recommendations are much appreciated.

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