Get Your Windows Super Clean with Leafy’s Window & Glass Cleaner

Dec 04, 2020

If you can’t remember the last time the windows of your home were washed, it might be the perfect time to get out the ladder, the bucket, and Leafy’s amazing all-natural window cleaner & glass cleaner and get the job done.

With the cold winter weather quickly approaching in many areas of the country and the holidays right around the corner, finding the time to clean your home’s windows on your own or have them professionally cleaned is running short. Regardless of the method you pick, be sure to use Leafy’s non-toxic window cleaner & glass cleaner to wipe away the dirt, grime, hard-water stains, and greasy fingerprints that can build up on your windows.

Leafy’s window cleaner & glass cleaner has been engineered to get windows clean and not leave behind a streaky film. It’s a powerful cleaner that will cut through dirt, stains, and fingerprints but is completely safe to be used around your children and pets. See what this blogger has to say about it!

Leafy’s cleaning formula is developed from plant-based compounds that combine to naturally break up stains, and loosen dirt and soils that build up on the outside — and the inside — of your windows. Refined orange oil helps the cleaning formula and also leaves behind a fresh citrus scent that will leave all the glass surfaces in your home smelling great.

With the holidays approaching, wouldn’t all your holiday decorations look even better through clean windows? Leafy’s window cleaner & glass cleaner can wash away months of tree debris, fly spots, or bird droppings, so neighbors can see how great your decorations look through crystal clear windows.

Clean windows will allow great natural light into your home, make rooms more cozy and comfortable, and give family and friends a great view of your yard, pool, or spectacular outside living area. All it takes is a few squirts of Leafy’s window cleaner & glass cleaner to get every piece of glass in your home looking great.

We all know that washing windows isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. But keeping the windows of your home clean can help limit the maintenance that’s required in other areas of your home. If you’re keeping the windows clean, you’re probably keeping the window screens clean. And if the windows and screens are clean, it means the sills are not filling with debris that can collect moisture and grow mold and mildew, and the casings surrounding the windows aren’t exposed to moisture that can rot wood or attract insects that can damage the casings over time.

Creating a window cleaning schedule is an important part of a home maintenance plan. If the job is too big for you to handle on your own, it’s worth the money to hire a professional window cleaner. Just be sure to insist that the cleaners use Leafy’s window cleaner & glass cleaner. Your windows will look better than ever with a streak-free shine.

Get Leafy’s Window & Glass Cleaner today by visiting https://myleafy.co/product/window-glass-cleaner/. Buy a couple of 12-ounce bottles of our exceptional cleaner and see what a difference it will make. Leafy makes other environmentally friendly cleaning products, (and lubricants too!) for other areas of your home.

Here’s a great way to try some of Leafy’s other multi-surface cleaners and lubricants. Order Leafy’s unique cleaning kit that will be delivered right to your door. Get 5 Leafy products (no more than 2 lubricants) delivered every month for only $30. Create a Leafy account and let us know which products you’d like to order and we’ll send them your way. You can order the Leafy kit at https://myleafy.co/product/create-your-own-kit/.

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