Wash Away Tough Pet Odors with Leafy

Oct 09, 2020

Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic pet shampoos are vital to keep our favorites keeping healthy and clean. Here’s one example of why Leafy is quickly becoming one of the most trusted brands out there:


It’s the normal routine at our house. Before we go to bed, we let our dog outside so Mother Nature can take its course. This time, there was a skunk outside too!


Before we could get our dog inside, she had been sprayed by the skunk and was coated in the pungent chemicals that a skunk uses to protect itself. Not knowing exactly what to do, I grabbed a bottle of our trusted Leafy Pet Shampoo.


I put our dog in the nearest tub and went to work. I have to admit, I didn’t expect much from the Leafy Pet Shampoo but it certainly surprised me. Nothing gets rid of skunk odor on the first try, so trying to reduce the pungent smell was my No. 1 priority that night. Not only did the Leafy Pet Shampoo do a great job of washing away the worst of the smell, it also left my dog’s coat clean and shiny.


The next morning, I used the shampoo again to try to get rid of more of the odor and it made a big difference. In less than 18 hours, I can be around my dog again and not be overwhelmed by the odor a skunk spray can leave on a pet.


It’s funny, but the only reason I had Leafy’s pet shampoo in the house was because a friend had given me a small bottle to try. Now that I’ve used it, I want to have it around so I can always give my dog a quick bath if she needs it.


In addition to its pet shampoo, Leafy also makes a handful of environmentally-friendly cleaning products and lubricants for inside and outside the home. Every Leafy product is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no toxic chemicals.


For example, the pet shampoo is made from a blend of oils and extracts from coconuts, olive oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, and lemongrass. Put together, these ingredients promote a healthier skin and coat on your dog.


Among the other environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are made by Leafy include a General Cleaner, a Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner, a Window & Glass Cleaner, and a Range & Hood Cleaner. All these cleaners are made from plants but are engineered to have the cleaning power of the more well-known cleaners that can leave behind toxic chemicals.


All Leafy environmentally-friendly cleaning products can be used in any room in the home, without the fear of exposing your children or pets to chemicals that could harm them.


Be sure to check out Leafy’s line of mineral-based lubricants, which can be used on doors, hinges and anything else that creaks or has been exposed to rust. Leafy lubricants also won’t leave nasty stains or streaks behind.


Check out all of Leafy’s cleaners and lubricants products here. Place an order and start cleaning your home more effectively soon.

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