Why a Clear Lubricant is Essential

Jul 27, 2020

Leafys Lubricants are the best
No Stains-No odor


Looking for a nontoxic, stainless, and odorless lubricant safe to use in your home?

Leafy’s lubricants are perfect for you.

To begin with, we are an environmentally friendly company. Every single one of our products are mineral-based, nontoxic, biodegradable, and eco friendly. That being said, we provide the satisfaction of selling safe products for you, your family, your pets, and your environment.

We offer four different types of lubricants: General Lubricant, Sliding Door Lubricant, Lock & Hinge Lubricant, and lastly, Garage Door Lubricant.

We made sure to offer a couple of different kinds, so that you could choose one that is specially designed to have the greatest outcome.

Why else are Leafy’s clear lubricants so essential?

While there are many other lubricant brands to choose from, ours do not include the unpleasant odors that are left behind.

Not only that, but they do not leave unwanted stains behind. It is very common for lubricants to leave stains behind, especially on your wood finish. Since our lubricant is clear in color, there will be no wood stains, interior stains, ect, left behind.

Ignoring your creaky hinges and rusted joints can lead to damage on just about anything in your household; that damage can be very costly and time consuming. Do not waste your time and money when you can fix the problem in an inexpensive, and time consuming way.


What is going into the lubricant that makes it safer than all other lubricants?

To begin with, we use mineral oil. What is so beneficial about this ingredient, is that it is the primary reason you can use our lubricants on many of your household appliances.

Then we use a rust inhibitor, which coats a surface to minimize oxidation and prevent corrosion. The reason your stuff won’t rust and will work longer than ever.

Lastly, we use a penetrant. The smaller molecules work deep into cracks and crevices. It creates greater lubrication so your equipment works better. It also provides a level of protection that helps loosen rusty bolts that are stuck together.

Experience is not necessary in order to successfully repair the problem. Our lubricants are here to help you with an easy solution.

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